Sick of listening to the Wiggles album on repeat? Here's a fun alternative...

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KINDERLING is a family-friendly kids online and digital radio station for children and their grown-ups. KINDERLING Kids radio is the first of its kind in Australia and follows a family friendly schedule.

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Who is involved?

Lorna Clarkson, music director of Kinderling explains "The way we program the music through the day it is all about energy," explains Clarkson. "When the kids are up and getting out of the house, the energy is super up; when we are trying to get them to sleep in the evening, then it goes right down and tries to calm everything when they might be going feral before bedtime."

What will I hear?

Kinderling Managing Director Evan Kaldor said, “From the Wiggles to The White Stripes, Vegetable Plot to Village People, Danny Kaye to Daft Punk and Justine Clarke to Johnny Cash, Kinderling Kids Radio is redefining music for kids. We are creating shared moments for the music lover in the child, and the child in the music lover".

Radio vs Screen time

Kinderling Kids Radio is a parent’s companion to their day with kids. Through this relationship, we can facilitate a trusted connection between family-friendly brands and a community of parents. Kinderling Kids Radio highlights the relevance of radio as an alternative form of entertainment to screen time, and one that can spark imagination in kids and conversation amongst parents.

There is also a website and a newsletter you can sign up to if you want to keep updated on this amazing initiative.

* In no way are Pencil receiving any benefits out of introducing you to Kinderling, we just wanted to share this cool discovery with you and hope you enjoy!