On the lookout for a Social & Emotional Skills program? Look no further!

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PALS Social Skills program

Playing And Learning to Socialise

This is a social skills teaching resource for educators and parents for children aged between 3-6 years. Children are taught constructive ways to solve problems that arise in social situations. 

The program is suitable for small groups, 6-8 children, or can be altered for larger group sizes.

This is done through stories acted out by puppets, video scenarios, probe questions which may be asked by the educator, role playing activities and songs.

PALS program consists of ten sessions, each focussing on a particular skill. One skill builds on another, so that the program gradually progresses to the more complex skills required for competent social interaction.

PALS kit includes resource books, CD, DVD, puppets, posters. Cost - $360 inc GST plus $15 postage within Australia.

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Sarah Cameron