Children's Book Review - Pig the Pug


Title: Pig the Pug

Author: Aaron Blabey

Suitable Age Group: 3 - 5 years

ISBN: 9781743624777

Date Released: 1st July 2014

Binding: Hardback

Pages: 24


This is one of those books that you find yourself smirking as you read through it. There is humour for both adults and children, there is cleverly written text and amazing illustrations which inject maximum personality into the characters. It is a book that is a lot of fun to read during group times, as you will be pausing for laughter or children's comments as they follow along.

Meet the two characters, Trevor and Pig, who live together. Pig is a pug, he is rude, greedy and mean. Now, Trevor is a polite, friendly sausage dog. Pig has so many amazing toys and he doesn’t want to share. Poor Trevor. However, one day, although Trevor does warn Pig, Pig piles up all his toys, and then something unexpected happens...

Once you have finished this book, you will want another excuse to read it, I know I did.

For more entertaining Pig adventures, follow him in Pig the Fibber and Pig the Winner. There is also a Christmas story that has recently been released, Pig the Elf. I can’t wait to read that one!

Rating: 5 / 5