5 ways to move beyond asking "how was school today"...


When your child gets home from care or school today, here are 5 conversation starters that will hopefully spark their interest.

  1. Tell me something that made you laugh today.
  2. Was anyone away today? 
  3. What was the yummiest thing in your lunch box today?
  4. Did anyone do something nice for you today? Did you do something nice back?
  5. What was your favourite thing that happened today?

And a bonus question that is always absolutely lovely to ask:

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Remember that a conversation is a two-way street. You can open up your questions with an anecdote from you own day. “I went grocery shopping and found the yoghurt that Dad likes for lunch. What was the yummiest thing in your lunch box today?"

Keep the conversation going and maybe, just maybe, you’ll actually get to know the answer to “how was school today?”

Sarah Cameron