3 amazing books for curious children

Image supplied by pbs.org

Image supplied by pbs.org

As we know, curiosity is a desire to learn and is the spark that helps children grow. For educators and parents, fostering a child’s curiosity is one of the most important ways they can assist a child’s development. These books are a great way to spark a conversation and to encourage curious minds to think outside the square.

1. Where does Thursday go? by Janeen Brian. 

Thursday is Bruno’s birthday, and he wishes it didn’t have to end. But Friday is coming, and he knows his special day will be gone in the morning. What will happen to Thursday during the night? Where will it go? 

2. Not a box by Antoinette Portis. 

Not a Box tells the story of a rabbit who is asked what he's doing in or to a large box, and repeatedly responds that it's not a box, it's a spaceship, a race car, a mountain... This fun, clever book is a great anytime read.

3. If by Sarah Perry. 

If...is a book of surreal possibilities. It can be explored in many different ways. You can use a single illustration or combine several to create your own stories. For example, "If frogs ate rainbows... what would their croaks sound like and what would they say?"

Sarah Cameron