Emoticons + Easter Eggs? What's next?


Kate from Laughing Kids Learn has put together a fun article on a simple learning experience to teach children about expressing their emotions.

Resources you will need


You may have already gone out and purchased some plastic Easter eggs for art experiences. All you need now is a black texta and to channel your inner artist.

Begin to draw a variety of facial expressions on each half of each egg. It may be easier at this stage to keep the eggs together as you draw each expression. If you get stuck for ideas, Kate suggests referring to your Emoticons on your phone. Brilliant!

Time to play!

Set the eggs up wherever you like, it may be in a basket in a quiet corner, on a mat outdoors, or on a table. These eggs will be something that children will be drawn to and can't wait to play with as I'm sure they will find them amusing. As children interact with these eggs and begin to match the facial expression, it is a great opportunity for you as the educator to discuss emotions.

Questions you might want to ask during play

  • How do you think the egg is feeling?
  • Why do you think the egg is feeling that way?
  • Can you show me how they are feeling? (This will end in lots of giggles and may lead to role playing)

I hope this is a fun little learning experience to help your children discover more about emotions.

Sarah Cameron