How Pencil Works


As an educator, you are either:

with the children
away from the children


So it make sense that your documentation system is in two parts, right? 
That's exactly how Pencil works.


There is a Pencil App for when you are with the children and you want to capture an observation.

You dont want any distractions, and you want your focus to be on the children as much as possible. Here's how the app works:


The Pencil website is for when you are away from the children (like when you have programming time) and you can sit and think about your observations, future planning, and everything else that goes with being a professional educator. Here's how Develop works:

So two parts for two very different times in your role as an educator. We think it makes sense, and hopefully you do too. But if not, and you’d like to see for yourself how it works, please…





Q. What are the minimum requirements to get started with Pencil?
A. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

Q. What devices does Pencil work on?
A. Everything. It's perfect for iPads, but it works on everything we could test it on. From laptops to smartphones, if you can access the internet you can use Pencil..

Q. How much is Pencil?
A. Here is our pricing information.

Q. What happens if I want to stop using Pencil?
A. We will make sure you have a copy of everything you captured using Pencil. You can stop using Pencil any time. There are no cancellation fees and we will do everything we can to make sure you work is safe.

Q. What do I do if I need help?
A. Call us on 1800 PENCIL. You will be answered by a specialist Pencil assistant, who lives in Australia. No call centres and no number menus.

Q. Are there any hidden costs?
A. No. The pricing is completely fixed. With a Pencil subscription you have unlimited children, educators and storage. Even the upgrades and new features we release come at no extra cost. 

Q. Do you offer training?
A. Yes. We can visit your service at a time that suits you, but usually our customers find Pencil so easy to use that they don't need training. We are happy to do whatever you require.

Q. Is Pencil safe?
A. Pencil utilizes industry leading security protocols, and we audit the system regularly. To date we have had zero security breaches. Your data is stored exclusively in Australia, and so it is subject to Australian standards and law. Here is the detailed information on our server security.

Q. I have a question that isn't here...
A. We'd love to talk to you. Contact information can be found here.



Save Time

save time

Pencil streamlines the documentation process, with great features like smart lists and one click document creation. Less paperwork. More time with children.

All Devices

all devices

Use whatever you have, and whatever you might have in the future. Pencil works on any device with an internet connection: laptops, desktops, phones, iPads and more.

All Skill Levels

all skill levels

Whether you’re a trainee or an experienced educator, Pencil has been designed to suit everyone. If you can go to a website, you’re over-qualified for Pencil. 

Australian Made

Australian Delay

It's rare for software to be Australian made. We are extremely proud to be 100% Australian made, owned and operated

Educator Designed

Educator Designed

Pencil was designed collaboratively with leading Early Learning Services professionals, so you can be sure Pencil is relevant in the current  workplace.

Simple Stats

Simple Stats

Keep track of outcome and child coverage in real time. No more tally systems or catching up. You'll always know where your service is up to, and what needs to be done.

Connects Everyone

connects everyone

Pencil enables Educators to stay connected and up to date on what everyone is doing with their documentation. Educators who need help get it before they ask, and leaders get to lead by example.

Free Upgrades

free upgrades

Pencil is designed by educators, and is also continually improved by our customers. At least once per month, we implement an upgrade that has come directly from customer feedback.

No Limits

no limits

No more devices and hard drives filled with photos, and no need for back ups (or worrying about not doing backups). Unlimited devices, educators and children.

Safe in the cloud

safe in the cloud

Your precious observations are completely safe in your Pencil account. If your laptop or iPad is lost, damaged or stolen, you haven't lost a single observation.

Access Anywhere

access anywhere

Pencil is "Cloud Based", which means it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, from any device with an internet connection.



Pencil uses HTTPS encryption and Microsoft Azure servers. Both systems are industry leading, and are widely used by Government and Financial institutions. 

Our Support


We look after you, and not just when you're getting started. Your dedicated Pencil assistant will be there for you whenever you need them, to help you with whatever you need.